“The Definitive Guide To Choosing Glasses That Make You Look Good”

This is a book filled with insider information that other opticians would prefer you didn’t know.

In my book you’ll discover how to select the right eyewear for you.

And I reveal how to avoid the 6 Common Eyewear Buying Mistakes.

Mistake 1: Exposed – The Truth About Designer Glasses

Mistake 2: The Hidden Pitfalls of Other People’s Opinions and the Online Minefield

Mistake 3: Embarrassing Eyewear – When your glasses send out the wrong message.

Mistake 4: Dead Ends, Diversions and Delays – the painfully slow way to buy glasses

Mistake 5: Listening To The Wrong Advice

Mistake 6: Purchasing Just One Piece Of The Eyewear Puzzle

The Definitive Guide to Choosing Glasses That Make You Look Good

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Whenever you next need new glasses, whichever opticians you go to, this information will be invaluable to you.

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Conor Heaney

Director & Owner, Jones And Co. Styling Opticians