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How We Work

Hello, I'm Conor Heaney. The owner of Jones And Co. Styling Opticians in Manchester.

If you've come to our website then chances are YOU get this, but a lot of people don't see the value in investing in high quality, stylish, individual eyewear.

They might even think you are foolish to buy your glasses from somewhere like Jones And Co. Styling Opticians

And that's ok. Some people appreciate the value of good service, professional expertise and products that are well designed and actually appealing. And some people can only consider price and cannot consider anything else.

Jones and Co. Styling Opticians is for a different kind of Person

A person who expects more:

  • If you are searching for different and individual eyewear from around the world, we will show you glasses you can get excited about.

    If you are bored of mass-market brands you find in high street opticians, with thick sides and logos and branding all down the side, we can help you.

  • If you've had disappointing service in other opticians in the past, we will transform your eyewear experience.

    Bad glasses. Uncomfortable glasses. Even glasses you can't see through. If you are sick and tired of glasses and opticians then we can help.

  • If you hate shopping for glasses and are in need of styling advice and professional expertise, we'll guide you and help you find the right eyewear for you.

    If you don't know what suits you. If you can't find glasses that fit you or look good. If you go from optician to optician on a gruelling search for eyewear, never finding anything you actually FEEL GOOD about wearing, we can help you.

We'll Transform Your Eyewear Experience

Many of our clients have made the journey from eyewear being a hassle and pain to a real positive. A talking point. Something you enjoy. In eyewear terms, they've gone from ignorant to enlightened. Their tastes in eyewear have become more sophisticated. And they now wear glasses that they look good and feel good in.

Every week we help new clients make this journey.

We bring you individual and exclusive eyewear from around the world, combined with a unique "Eyewear Style Consultation" with a professional, experienced, eyewear expert - we make finding the right eyewear an effortless and enjoyable experience.

FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation Worth £ 37

There Are Only 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Jones And Co. Styling Opticians

  • Niche Eyewear - Glasses that make you look good, and you actually want to wear

    Each season we travel to places like Paris, Milan, Munich, Antwerp in search of the world's finest eyewear. We have relationships with the most admired and respected eyewear designers. Niche, independent eyewear companies who produce different and exclusive eyewear. They are of the highest quality. Handmade. Frames that only people who are in the know have heard of. And they are hard to find: only a handful of UK's most progressive opticians carry these collections. If you are looking for something different, something superior, then these frames are for you. This is your chance to discover a new world of glasses and choose a piece of eyewear from an exclusive selection not seen by others. Whether for everyday wear, or for special occasions, these are glasses with that individual feel, yours alone, not worn by the crowds.

  • Professional Expertise - No more scratching-your-head browsing and guessing

    We have a superb choice of the world's most appealing eyewear. (We have over 900 styles to choose from.) But we're not a scratch-your-head and browse around kind of place. There is a more sophisticated and effective way to choose the right glasses than trial and error, trying on frames at random.

    Our unique "Eyewear Style Consultation" is designed to make your quest for new eyewear an enjoyable experience. It will save you time and hassle. You will find out definitively which frame styles will suit your face shape. It will make your decision on new eyewear easier and give you confidence in what you choose.

    The consultation is an opportunity to discover the right style of eyewear for you in a no-pressure, relaxed environment with the help of an eyewear professional (a qualified dispensing optician and member of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians).

    Our "Eyewear Style Consultation" will change the way you shop for eyewear for good.

  • Personal Service - No more being treated like you're just a number

    Let me first say that you are welcome to pop in. We are a small team of friendly, welcoming, real people. You can call us and have a conversation. You can come in and have the tour. We're actually in an old bank which is quite a striking building - but you'll love the environment it creates - luxurious and grand. We can give you an overview of our frame styles and answer any questions you may have.

    But to give you the best service, we do things a bit differently. And there are some things you should know before you come in.

    We work like any professional service and offer you an appointment-based service for your convenience and so that we can spend the necessary time with you to get it right.

    The unique environment we've created for clients means if you just pop in you'll only get a sneak preview of the frames. Only a handful of frames are on display to browse.

    To do it properly, to show you the full collection and unique choice of styles (you wont see elsewhere), and to give you the benefit of getting straight-forward professional advice, it's best to schedule an appointment.

    There is no charge for your eyewear styling consultation. (And there is no pressure, and no obligation.)

    By all means pop in to see us if that's what you'd prefer. But if your time is important and you'd like our focused attention and help then take advantage of the free consultation.

FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation Worth £ 37

Important Information

  • Because we are a small team (and in demand) clients normally call in advance to reserve an appointment. We'll set aside up to 45 minutes for your eyewear styling consultation. So you are not rushed. Appointments are usually available within the next couple of days, and even if you want to come in today, we'll always try to make it convenient for you.

  • Choosing glasses can be difficult and frustrating. But we do this every day. We have done for years. We know what we're doing when it comes to selecting eyewear. We have a styling process that works. It allows the chance for us to help you explore the right styles for you. That's important because if we don't know your requirements, your lifestyle, your work, your image, then we can't advise you effectively on what to consider.

  • We're not set up for self-service and browsing because we only have a small amount of our frames on display. We have an extensive selection. It's overwhelming when too many products are on display - you end up with rows and rows of glasses that all start to look the same. Instead, we help guide you through the process of choosing eyewear. We know the ins and outs of our eyewear collections. We have insider knowledge about the world of eyewear and we can pass that on to you to help you make the right decision on your eyewear.

  • This is a nicer way to work! Who wants to be treated like just a number? By someone who couldn't care less? Knowing you will be forgotten 5 minutes later. Instead, we'll take the time to answer all your questions, we'll get to know your requirements and get to know you a little with an enjoyable cup of tea in the process. You'll see a real, sincere person who is knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about what they do.

  • If you require an eye examination as well as an eyewear style consultation please let us know and we can arrange a separate appointment for you with our optometrist. (click here for more info on our eye examinations).

FREE Eyewear Styling Consultation Worth £ 37



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