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Free Eyewear Styling Consultation

How To Look Good And Feel Good In Eyewear

Free Eyewear Styling Consultation

Take this limited opportunity to get a free styling consultation at Jones And Co. Styling Opticians

Our unique eyewear styling consultation makes the process of choosing glasses easier. It allows us to define for you what shape, style and colour of eyewear would work for you from our exclusive collection of frames. It shows you all the eyewear style possibilities that are suitable for you and makes it easy for you to make a decision on your new glasses.

It’s very relaxed and enjoyable, and there’s no obligation to buy at the end of it.

We only have a limited number of free consultations available so enter your details and click the button below.

To apply for your free eyewear styling consultation please answer this quick question and complete the boxes below:

A short phone call is required before we can schedule your eyewear styling consultation. Once we receive your application we will call you to explain how the eyewear styling process works, what information to bring, and what to expect. This call will take 5 to 10 minutes.



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