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If You’re New to Jones And Co., You Might Have Questions!

Below are the most common questions we hear from new clients. However, if you have other questions, we’re always happy to answer them. Just contact us here and one of our team members will be at your service.

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How Expensive Are Glasses at Jones And Co. Styling Opticians?

The real answer is it depends on what type of frame you choose and what your prescription and lens requirements are. Let me give you some guidelines to give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of cost.
The good news is there are plenty of options, and we help clients every week who previously went to opticians like Vision Express and Boots Opticians. They end up spending just a little more than they did at the chain stores to get something they really like here, and that ticks all their boxes.
We specialise in niche eyewear, so our frames are superior quality, handmade, of fantastic design, and different from the usual mainstream brands. So they do cost more than the normal designer brand names that are mass-produced and that you see everywhere. (See The Truth About Designer Glasses)
Our frames start at around £300, the most common price point of our collections is around £400, and for more exclusive and luxury pieces, there are plenty of choices at the higher end of the spectrum! But if you have a budget in mind of £300 or so for your frame, we’ll be able to show you plenty of options.
The lenses we work with are also the highest quality available so that our clients benefit from the best possible vision. However, our dispensing opticians will consult with you and find out exactly what you need in terms of your visual requirements, what you use your eyes for every day, and they’ll be able to make recommendations and give you several options based on your preferences and your prescription. Lens technology continues to advance and improve, and it’s just a case of deciding what’s best for you in terms of the quality and grade of lens that you want versus how much you want to spend on your eyewear.
If you wear distance vision or near vision glasses, our premium lenses start at £170 and go up to £475. There are basic single vision lenses available from £95.
If you wear varifocals, you can expect to spend £465 to £635 for our premium lenses depending on your prescription requirements. Our basic varifocals start from £245 including lens coatings.
Another bit of information that might be helpful for your search for new glasses is the average amount a new client spends when they come to Jones And Co. for the first time. Some will spend less, some will spend more, but £600 is the average. And for clients who need varifocals, the average they spend is £800 total.
For most people, this is more than what they have spent in other opticians, but they feel they are getting a lot more for their money at Jones And Co. Read our Google reviews and you’ll find plenty of new customers who say they spent more, but it was absolutely worth it for them because they enjoy wearing their glasses far more than before.
Before coming here, many of our clients had been disappointed with their glasses in the past, so they would rather invest a bit more to get something that they actually feel good in, considering they will likely wear their glasses every day for two or three years or longer.
So, I hope that’s helpful. If you’re still not sure and need to consider it, I’d encourage you to come in for a free consultation and get a feel for exactly what options you have with no obligation. Even if you decide Jones And Co. isn’t the right place for you, you’ll get good practical advice that will help you wherever you finally choose to get your glasses from.
We’ll always consult with you, give you several frames and lens options, and offer guidance as to what will work best for you. In addition to choices when it comes to how much you invest in your eyewear, we also can spread the payments for your glasses over three to six months with no extra cost and with no hassle. That way, you can get the glasses that are best for you without having to compromise or delay.

Do You Only Make Bespoke Glasses?

No. Quite a few customers enquire if we only make bespoke frames and have anything ‘off the shelf’ to choose from. However, the vast majority of the eyewear we provide is made by eyewear designers that we choose to stock. We regularly travel to eyewear trade shows in Paris, Milan, Munich, and beyond to source interesting, high-quality, well-designed independent eyewear. We work with the most respected and admired eyewear designers in the world – typically small, independent eyewear manufacturers who produce frames that are considered the best of the best. If you’re looking for glasses that are different, individual, and higher quality than what you see in the chains and high street opticians, then you’ll love the collection we have in stock. Many of the brands we work with are only available at a handful of opticians in the UK. So, you really get to see frames that are different from what’s on offer in most places.
The bespoke frame service we offer is an additional professional service we offer on top of our collection of world-class frames. This is where we design and create a frame for you from scratch.
The other thing worth mentioning is that we not only have an excellent stock of frames in terms of different styles and designs but also in terms of sizes. We know that faces come in all shapes and sizes, so we specialise in giving our clients plenty of choices when it comes to size and shape. There’s nothing worse than having a wide head width or a wide bridge of your nose and being squeezed into a frame that simply doesn’t fit you. We also see a lot of women with petit faces who were previously told to choose from the children’s section in their last opticians. Not good! At Jones And Co., we don’t do one size fits all – because one size does not fit all! We’ll be able to show you plenty of frames that actually fit and suit you from our stock.

What To Expect On Your First Visit
  • Thorough Eye Exam (We Accept Outside Prescriptions Too).
  • Free Eyewear Styling Consultation (Get Expert Help Choosing Glasses).
  • Choose From Unique Selection Of Frames.
  • Review Your Lens Options And Price Options.
  • Love Your Glasses! Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.
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