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At Jones And Co., our mission is to make your journey in choosing eyewear an easy, and even fun experience for you. We offer a wide selection of unique eyewear from independent designers all over the world. We take a personalised approach to service, meaning you will be working closely with one of our expert opticians throughout your journey. Although our experienced team is here to guide you through our proven process, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing eyewear. Colour is one of them. Keep reading to learn about exciting colour trends and how the colour of your eyewear can affect emotions, show off your personality, and more.

How Colour Affects Mood

Helen Barrett, fashion journalist, wrote recently about how colours affect mood, especially during a pandemic:

“Locked down at home and recovering from Covid-19 in the dark of winter, the old rules no longer made sense. Late last year, I found myself drawn to Stella McCartney’s Kind Intarsia jumper – a deranged, psychedelic dream of a garment in a riot of acid shades, with “SMILE” written on the front. It was not just me. The jumper has sold out on McCartney’s website and in its stores. Ms. Barrett is on the waiting list for one of the sweaters.

None of this is accidental – brights are rational for these times, according to Karl Johan Bertilsson, one of the world’s leading colour trend forecasters. Bertilsson is creative director at NCS Colour the Swedish standardisation system used by companies like H&M to predict hues that consumers will demand in the months and years ahead, driven by cultural trends.

He links fashion’s chromatic infatuation with the ‘radical optimism’ movement – an ‘enormous push’ of joyous defiance in the face of global crises, particularly climate change.

Designers in all disciplines espouse the theory that bright colours evoke joy, even in dark times. But is there any evidence? Some, according to Professor Byron Mikellides of the Oxford School of Architecture and a leading expert in colour psychology. Humans perceive more colours than most mammals (only some of our nearest relatives, monkeys and apes, share similar abilities) and that sense evolved because it contributes to our biological survival.

Neuropsychologist Nicholas Humphrey writes how the colours of nature – bird plumage, pigments in fruit and flowers – act as visual signals, an evolutionary heritage to which we still respond. Whatever the message, signal colours commonly have three functions: they catch attention, they transmit information and they directly affect the emotions of the viewer.”

While the pre-pandemic colour of 2020 was Classic Blue 19-4052, it’s not surprising that the colours of the year for 2021 are a lot more upbeat.

This year, Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Illuminating 13-0647 are the Pantone colours of the year. These colours were chosen for their warmth and dependability but also for their bright, cheerful, and vivacious nature. As if imbued by solar power, sprinkled with gray pebbles, emblematic of solid and dependable elements which are “everlasting and provide a firm foundation.”

Use Our Eyewear Options in Manchester to Show Off Your Personality

As many of our clients know, your eyewear is one of the best ways to bring colour into your life. Colourful eyewear catches attention, shows some of your personality, and lifts the emotions of the people who have the pleasure of seeing your face! Our favourite designers at Theo eyewear as the absolute masters of colourful eyewear. Maybe 2021 is the year to go brighter!

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other eyewear topics, feel free to contact Jones And Co. online or by calling 0161 834 7798.

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