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Jones And Co. Introducing…Rolf Glasses & Frames in Manchester

NEW 3D Printed Eyewear Made From Plants

Good news! We have just received a very special new collection that has the whole team in a tizzy of excitement. The collection is called SUBSTANCE, and it’s the latest innovation from one of the most forward-thinking eyewear designers, Rolf.

Rolf started in 2009 as a luxury brand of wooden frames handcrafted in Tirol in the Austrian Alps. They were first celebrated for visionary eyewear designs in wood, but what soon followed from this family company were impressive innovations in titanium, stone, and horn, and now, incredibly, their brand-new SUBSTANCE collection is 3D printed eyewear made from plants.

Rolf’s approach is to combine their love of nature with timeless styles and innovative technology. Their design philosophy and creations have earned them numerous awards, including the Silmo d’Or, the German Design Award, the Green Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the Muse Design Award. And despite international acclaim and awards, Rolf continues to manufacture in the hometown of the creative company, by hand, and using natural resources, remaining faithful to the guiding principle of the business:

Creating Products That Respect Yesterday, Work for Today, and Prepare for Tomorrow.

The Power of Plants

The new 3D printed substance collection brings the power of plants to the fore and represents a significant leap for sustainable frames. The starting point for the latest collection is a powder derived from a very specific plant. It brings with it a whole array of sustainable and functional properties that have enabled the tech- and design-driven company to develop innovative, plant-based eyewear. Not only are the glasses in Rolf’s substance collection made from renewable resources but they also boast 23 frame designs in six different colours.

We Make Eyewear Our of Seeds. And We Are Not Joking!

Working with plants is nothing new for the masters of wooden glasses. Their latest natural material is taken from a species of the Euphorbiaceae family and has proved itself to be a competent all-rounder. It has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for Rolf, and, as a material, its sustainability credentials are particularly impressive.

The Miracle Tree

“The plants are grown in hot climates without any kind of genetic engineering, they don’t compete with food crops, and they can grow very tall, very quickly: where a spruce or a beech will only grow a few centimetres taller every year, this remarkable plant will shoot up six meters in just four months, and it comes back every year,” explains company founder and visionary, Roland Wolf. This makes the new material more sustainable and kinder to the environment than ever – and the perfect foundation upon which to build a new collection of glasses called substance and meet the current demand for more climate-considerate products.

Ultra-Lightweight. Virtually Unbreakable. Refined Style.

The frames are made using renewable resources, making them environmentally friendly, sustainable, yielding zero waste, and leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

Production begins with an innovative high-tech 3D printing process and ends with handcrafted finishing touches that transform our eyewear into a contemporary, sustainable work of art.

The refined contours, slim temples, and strategically placed curves turn each pair of glasses into a stunning yet functional accessory that’s extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Perfect for the active spectacle wearer!

Each frame has its own unique tactile finish that can’t be repeated exactly, so each frame is an original design. Feeling is believing! These easy-wearing styles are the perfect everyday addition to your eyewear wardrobe.

“The Customer Wants The Best Hinges. That’s What They Get. They Want SuperLight Glasses. That’s What They Get Also. They Want More Sustainability In Everyday Life. Done. And The Eyewear Industry? It Needs Sustainable Products. We Deliver That Too.” - Roland Wolf, founder of Rolf.

Flexlock, Patented Eyewear Hinge

Rolf’s award-winning Flexlock hinge has proven itself to be the ideal glasses component. A natural rubber ring connects the temple to the front of the frame with a multi-directional hinge. The hinge is made without screws or meta,l which makes it maintenance-free and flexible, reliably springing back from all directions. With the SUBSTANCE collection, it is printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology. In addition to the high performance of the screwless and patented Flexlock hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame.

Virtually Unbreakable

Rolf Substance eyewear is also virtually unbreakable. The frame material’s strength testing process included: being hit by a football; sat on; knotted; dropped from a height of 114 metres, and even being run over by a car. The SUBSTANCE collection outperformed its titanium and plastic competitors with ease. (And no lenses were harmed in the making of these tests).

Rolf’s Philosophy Respects Nature

Right from the start, natural materials provided a compass for ROLF SPECTACLES. Wood from the Tyrol region was the beginning, and later came innovative blends of eucalyptus with maple or oak. The company also advanced the use of sustainable horn and stone. And now, Rolf has pushed the boundaries again with the Substance Collection.

A sense of climate consideration has always been at the core of Rolf’s philosophy. They are striving to make their manufacturing facility energy self-sufficient, with solar panels generating electricity and wider green initiatives such as rooftop beehives contributing to a better local ecosystem.

As part of the Rolf philosophy, supply chains remain local and regional. Says co-founder Bernhard Wolf: “Regionalism is more than just a marketing tool for us – it is also backed by our in-house production and regional jobs at the company.” Despite keeping things close to home, Rolf has become an influential voice on the global eyewear scene.

Design Accolades

Rolf’s design approach is to combine their love of nature with timeless styles and innovative technology, the success of which is evidenced by numerous awards, including the Silmo d’Or, the German Design Award, the Green Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the Muse Design Award.

“Whenever we invent products that are entirely new and different, an award like the Silmo d’Or is great. It confirms that it’s not just us that thinks our new substance collection is innovative and unique, but that industry experts think the same."

Rolf X Jones And Co.

Rolf introduced themselves and their original collection to us years ago. They had singled us out as the ideal practice they would like to work with in the UK. They were impressed by the Jones And Co. approach to eyewear, expertise, and individuality. And in Rolf, we found one of the most innovative and forward thinking eyewear designers in the world. We are honoured to be among a handful of independent opticians who have the pleasure of working with this ground-breaking eyewear brand, and bringing them to you, our amazing clients, in Manchester and beyond.

Rolf is a very technical product that requires professional expertise and skill on the part of the optician. The team at Jones And Co. has the training, experience, and know-how to deliver an exceptional experience with Rolf Spectacles to you. You will be paired with the ideal frame choices and lens combinations to suit your prescription and vision needs. Not only that, at Jones And Co., we have unparalleled expertise when it comes to matching frames to your facial features, personal style, tastes, and personality. Your glasses say something about you. We make sure you get everything you want from your eyewear.

That’s the magic Jones and Co. Styling Opticians can work better than anyone!

We also go deep with our eyewear collections. When we commit to working with a designer that meets our high standards, we don’t dabble. We really commit. That means you get the most choice from the most styles in multiple colours in every style. Rolf is a niche collection, and we have 60 pieces of Rolf, Substances, and Sunglasses available to show you. To view the brand new SUBSTANCE COLLECTION, just email or call the team on 0161 834 7798 to book your appointment. The Jones and Co. team will be at your service to help you find the perfect Rolf glasses and frames in Manchester!

Support Manchester City Of Trees With £50 When You Choose Rolf Spectacles

For every Rolf frame purchased from Jones And Co. Styling Opticians, we have pledged to donate £50 to Manchester City Of Trees a local charity focused on planting trees, creating and managing woodlands, planting urban orchards, training local people to look after the fruit trees, and turning gloomy streets into green streets by planting street trees in the urban environment. We love supporting small charities, and we’re so grateful to all our clients who help make it possible. City Of Trees are doing some of the most important work there is, and we feel they are the perfect way for us to follow Rolf’s lead in putting nature in our work.

So, you’ll be wearing some of the most innovative and eco-friendly eyewear in existence and you’ll be helping a great charity make Manchester a greener city.

To See And Feel The New Rolf SUBSTANCE Collection For Yourself, book your appointment online now at You may also call the team at 0161 834 9978 or email the team at Get ready to experience Rolf glasses and frames in Manchester!

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