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Jones And Co. Introducing… Theo Glasses & Frames in Manchester

This month, we’re giving you the real story behind Theo, which in our humble opinion, is one of the kings of the eyewear world. Theo is the brand that other eyewear designers look up to, admire and learn a thing or two from. For a small family company, they punch above their weight and have raving fans (Theo glasses wearers) in over 50 countries across the world. Theo inspires you. Theo makes you want to keep getting better. Theo reminds you that you are individual and different. And their slogan? Of course, Theo Loves You!

What began as a memo on an order form developed into the slogan for the most headstrong Belgian brand of spectacles: “Theo loves you.” The motto connects everything Theo does, every decision, every collection.

To go back to the beginning, it was the love for their clients that made Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians with their own store, decide to design and present a collection under the name of Theo. It was 1987, and they wanted to offer their clients something different than the mainstream glasses that were selling at the time. So, they started from scratch, with just their ideas and passion, and in 1989, the first Theo glasses became a fact. Oh, and the name “Theo” is an anagram of designer Patrick Hoet’s last name.

It was 1987, and were hungry. Hungry for “a different pair of glasses.”

At first, they made them just for their own store. But the frames were ground-breaking. News quickly spread among opticians, and they wanted to offer them in their stores, too. So, Theo began making frames for other opticians in Belgium. Little by little and country by country, Theo gradually won over more and more hearts. Today they work with the top independent opticians in 45 countries.

“It was 1987, and were hungry. Hungry for “a different pair of glasses.” And we were fired up to get to work! The first Theo models were launched and made a bit of a splash, and the enthusiasm was contagious!” - Wim Sommers

Patrick and Wim were determined to design glasses that incorporate a touch of humour, individuality, and a certain edge. And they’ve stayed true to this vision for over 30 years. “Our goal has never changed: to make glasses-wearers happy and to offer them an unforgettable experience.”

Based in Antwerp in Belgium, Theo is now a company of 22 people and still very much a family business. Wim’s two sons, Mik and Toon lead the company today and continue to innovate and bring smiles to the faces of glasses wearers.

Handmade By Masters!

Earlier this year, the Jones And Co. team was invited for a royal tour of the super secret factory where Theo frames are made, in the Jura in France. Kathryn, Jess, and Gareth got to see the amazing process of how Theo frames are coloured and painted. Each Theo frame passes through at least 25 skilled workers’ hands from start to finish, so they really are handmade. Theo has made eyewear manufacture an art. Even in the factory, the workers are passionate about their craft. They know they are not just making any old pair of glasses. They are making a Theo! And they know the positive effects that a Theo frame has on people!

Who is Theo For?

Theo is for design lovers. Those who want that little extra dimension. Whether you want a frame that whispers or shouts, Theo frames can do both. With Theo, the focus is always on wearability. They design frames for those with narrower face shapes. They design frames that go big, with roomier designs and longer temples for larger faces. Theo will complement YOU and your individuality!

If you’re ready for glasses with a new twist, innovative effects, colour tricks, and comfortable, well-styled frames that are unexpectedly lightweight, too, you’re ready for Theo.

Better than any other frames, the Theo collection invites you to show your personality by playing with different looks. Try these frames, and you’ll be reminded how much glasses contribute to your own identity. Your frame can show the world who you are!

Our goal has never changed: to make glasses wearers happy and to offer them an unforgettable experience.

Theo At Jones And Co.

While the usual mainstream brands follow the trends, Theo creates the trends. Theo likes to be unpredictable. And this is something Theo followers love about the brand and their eyewear. Say something different. But most importantly, Theo changes the way you see the world as well as the way people see you. Perfect!

Theo keeps creating and keeps winning design awards. Their new range made from Aluminum is the latest thing from Theo and is already picking up awards!

At Jones And Co., we have a special relationship with Theo! Theo was the very first brand Conor brought into the practice when he became the owner of Jones And Co. 10 years ago, and we invested in having the largest collection of Theo frames you’ll find in the UK. We carry an amazing array of models and colours, and Jones And Co. clients are usually among the first in the world to see Theo’s newest designs. Amazing frames combined with the Jones And Co. team’s know-how and eyewear styling expertise makes for an unbeatable combination.

Take a look at what Theo can do for you!

Here’s a selection of new looks for clients courtesy of Theo and Jones And Co!

See the brand new Theo glasses and frames in Manchester and discover your perfect Theo frame at Jones And Co! Call the team on 0161 834 7798 or email to book a styling consultation and see the entire collection.

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