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These three short videos have valuable information that cuts through the clutter and gives you practical advice on selecting your eyewear. To access any video, simply enter your name and email address in the form below and you’ll have instant access.

Video 1

The Essential Eyewear Style Guide – Find Out Which Frame Styles Will Fit Your Face Shape

This short video features our Senior Dispensing Optician at Jones And Co. Styling Opticians. The video reveals:

  • How to quickly tell what face shape you have, so you can pick frame shapes that complement your natural face shape and look great
  • How to tell if a frame is a good fit, so your glasses won't be uncomfortable after a few hours of wear
  • Three keys to understanding colour tones, so you can easily choose colours that will work best for you
  • The #1 way you can use eyewear to enhance your image – how to highlight your best features and how to tone down other features

Video 2

What You Need to Know About Varifocal Lenses – The Truths and Myths

This is a short video featuring Conor Heaney, in which he gives you his no-nonsense advice on varifocal lenses.

  • How to tell if you even need varifocals – the telltale symptoms to look out for
  • Why all varifocals are not the same, and the problems you’ll face if you choose the wrong type
  • How you can try varifocals with no risk

Video 3

How Your Eyewear Habits Can Save the Health of Your Eyes

This is a short video featuring Conor Heaney and covers the following topics:

  • Cataracts – what you need to know about this common eye condition
  • What really affects the health of your eyes
  • Find out about a lens that eliminates glare like no other

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